my Lord my SAVIOUR...


Maybe then the world would see true grace.

Amen. The world doesn’t need more Christians they need more of Jesus. Lets be like Him.



Love until it hurts. Then keep loving.

Love until it looks weird. Then keep loving.

Love until it’s inconvenient. Then keep loving.

Love until you’re rejected. Then keep loving.

Love until you want to give up. Then keep loving.

Love until they tell you to stop. Then keep loving.

Love until the world thinks you’re crazy. Then keep loving.

Love until your heart is a broken. empty vessel. Then keep loving.

Love unconditionally.

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in these moments when I feel most alone, most vulnerable, these are the opportunities God is giving me to run to Him. 

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whenever you feel the weight of past sin coming along, drown yourself with Jesus.

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Give and Take Lord


When we fear man, we forget God. We make others big and Him small. We make their standard higher than His. The good news is we don’t have to fight for man’s approval anymore, because we already have God’s.

Missy Horsfall & Jocelyn Hamsher. “Can You Tell This Is a Knockoff?.” (via itstimetoletlovein)

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Do random acts of kindness for other people when you get the opportunity. It’ll make you a better person and happier.

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He is enough :’) His love never end on us! <3
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